Growing Pains…Completing My To-Do List

Earlier this week I needed to complete some tasks and wrote my to-do list. Here it is: clean up my Gmail account. Find my comments on my account (I know I have them, my phone told me) figure out how to perma free my one book After I published this list, I received a comment … Continue reading Growing Pains…Completing My To-Do List

Growing Pains…E-Mails and Contacts

When I began the blogging journey, I had no followers, no likes, no readers. As I received emails stating my stats of likes, followers, and comments, I created folders for each category. Let's face it, everyone knows that giddy feeling of your first follower, that first like and your first comment which wasn't your aunt … Continue reading Growing Pains…E-Mails and Contacts

Growing Pains…Contemplating a Publisher’s ‘Self-Help’ Course

I have stated in previous blogs that I published eight books since the beginning of June. Not a great strategy for a brand new writer, but I felt that it was my way of getting noticed. I think I should have spent more time letting them ferment. Let the books sit and let me look … Continue reading Growing Pains…Contemplating a Publisher’s ‘Self-Help’ Course

Growing Pains…I am Growing as a Writer, My Fan Base is Not

It is a rough feeling when you see you have more books than fans. I am pushing out two books a month, I am on my third month. Sure, I have a pen name for my children's books. That shouldn't matter (I think it does). As an author, I love to write more than market, … Continue reading Growing Pains…I am Growing as a Writer, My Fan Base is Not

Growing Pains… Children’s Book Blues

Impatience, I never learn. I created a website for merchandise based on my children's book characters, I created a standing site for an email list that will giveaway a secret story ( I am in the process of creating the illustrations, ugh), and I updated information on a few of my social media accounts ( … Continue reading Growing Pains… Children’s Book Blues