Growing Pains… If Careers Were A Theme Park, Indie Writing Would Be a Roller Coaster Ride.

The slow uphill journey of writing a book, the clicking of the keys reminds me of the click-clacking on the track of an exciting roller coaster. Our minds are racing. Our bodies are shaking with every click, every tap. We are at the top of the hill, the typing (manuscript) is done.

Growing Pains… Children’s Book Blues

Impatience, I never learn. I created a website for merchandise based on my children's book characters, I created a standing site for an email list that will giveaway a secret story ( I am in the process of creating the illustrations, ugh), and I updated information on a few of my social media accounts ( … Continue reading Growing Pains… Children’s Book Blues

Growing Pains…Children’s Books? Yeah, They’re Tough To Format!

I thought this would be cake. Boy, was I wrong. I thought I would be slick by taking the techniques from South Park and cutting the heads off my characters, using the same backgrounds multiple times, only creating a few different body parts. Nope, that was only half the battle. I LOVE to paint and … Continue reading Growing Pains…Children’s Books? Yeah, They’re Tough To Format!

Growing Pains… Writing In a New Genre, Children’s Books

That might be the reason why I am creating a new genre. The new genre is no pressure. It is similar to the 'fun with no pressure' attitude I had almost two months ago. I am giving myself a pseudonym. Robby Ellie will be writing my children's books. I don't want parents confusing my novellas and my children's books.  I can't imagine a parent buying "Wendy's Song" for their five-year-old and reading about drugs, rape, and a fatal car accident. I highly doubt they'll ever buy another one of my books about a little girl that is friends with a monkey.

Growing Pains…Rerouting My Thought Process & Learning My Craft

I have mentioned that I no longer have interest in marketing at this moment. I realize that the best marketing is writing more books and continuing with my blogs. I believe this will be cheaper and more efficient. First of all, I am learning so much right now. The most important lesson I have learned … Continue reading Growing Pains…Rerouting My Thought Process & Learning My Craft