Growing Pains…Is It Worth Paying For Advice?

I have been contemplating this for months now. I sign up on an expert's mailing list for some free advice, I am blown away by their knowledge, I look up the 'VIP' package, I almost pass out by the amount they ask. I go through this vicious cycle at least once every two weeks. In … Continue reading Growing Pains…Is It Worth Paying For Advice?

Growing Pains…Blurbs, Again!

This is the third post in a row discussing blurbs, but I am beginning to realize they are unavoidable and the difference between book sales and going back to waitressing. I love waitressing, but I would rather sell books. Vania Margene Rheault commented on my last post about Libbie Hawker's blurb tips. I took notes and … Continue reading Growing Pains…Blurbs, Again!

Growing Pains…Blurbs & Covers; More In-Depth

Since my last post, I have been looking into bestsellers of historical fiction novels. I do not have a novel, I am an author of a novelette series. I feel the best sellers are my best bet for finding juicy blurbs. Some of the novels have over 20k reviews, they hold best seller tags, and … Continue reading Growing Pains…Blurbs & Covers; More In-Depth

Growing Pains…Learning from Example, Why Didn’t I Think of That?

I have been reading and researching many marketing blogs and books this past week. I am trying to 'mix it up,' so to speak. My mind needs to focus on sales, even if my brain has about fifteen ideas for stories. I am slowly learning that I need to stick to my schedule and marketing … Continue reading Growing Pains…Learning from Example, Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Growing Pains…This May Not Be Rocket Science, But I’m No Scientist!

Honestly, I am not even sure I did it right. I shall find out soon. So many of the experts know this works. Most of them use the funnel book and the magnet book to get the email lists. To be quite honest, I know I've read the email list trick many times, but I am still not sure what to do after I get tons of email addresses. On my children's book landing page, so far, I have three on my list. One of those email addresses is me; I was testing it to make sure it worked. I don't believe I am approaching that in the correct manner. I will have to continue rereading Nick's free book. As for the 30-day challenge, I learned more about Twitter and a few tips on Facebook that I was not aware of. It is supposed to be one day at a time but a few of the days were easy, so I didn't follow directions and compiled two days into one. I also had a Facebook account and that day I skipped.

Growing Pains…Is It Beneficial To Buy Your Own ISBN or Get the Amazon Freebie?

My first paperback was recently able to be distributed to other sites as of yesterday. I did not research enough my first book, nor did I investigate much with my second. As a matter of fact, I am still learning a lot as I continue on this journey. I am aware of the benefits of … Continue reading Growing Pains…Is It Beneficial To Buy Your Own ISBN or Get the Amazon Freebie?

Growing Pains…Following Experienced Authors/Bloggers is Crucial

Starting out in any new business or career is difficult. As a teacher, you are assigned a cooperating teacher for two semesters before you graduate or receive your certification. You work with one teacher twice a week during your practicum semester. The student teacher moves on to working daily with the cooperating teacher before becoming a … Continue reading Growing Pains…Following Experienced Authors/Bloggers is Crucial

Growing Pains…E-Mails and Contacts

When I began the blogging journey, I had no followers, no likes, no readers. As I received emails stating my stats of likes, followers, and comments, I created folders for each category. Let's face it, everyone knows that giddy feeling of your first follower, that first like and your first comment which wasn't your aunt … Continue reading Growing Pains…E-Mails and Contacts