Growing Pains…Is It Worth Paying For Advice?

I have been contemplating this for months now. I sign up on an expert’s mailing list for some free advice, I am blown away by their knowledge, I look up the ‘VIP’ package, I almost pass out by the amount they ask. I go through this vicious cycle at least once every two weeks.

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In the beginning, it was a little bit more often. I knew a lot less, obviously. I learned a few tricks since then. I am reading blogs, I am listening to podcasts, and I am learning many of the experts are friends with each other.

Some associate more often than others. Some are former students of the experts on the podcasts. For example, Joanna Penn is a former student of Mark Dawson. Does this make a difference in deciding whether it’s worth listening to her praise his product? I don’t know. All I know is they are both reasonably successful authors in their own rights, in fiction and nonfiction.

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I can find out a lot of information online for free. Do I know what I need to know? I have no idea. I know I have three emails on my list and one is mine. Not great.

I also know that I was going about this process wrong for the entire time I began my career as a Self Publishing Author.

I advertised two of my five free days of my KDP Unlimited. I forget where I hear that Sundays and Mondays were great days to use, but it worked. I got great exposure. I waited a few weeks, advertised, and asked for those two days. My ebook rocketed to #5 in my category.

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Well, that did nothing for me. I skipped the most important step in the process. I didn’t request reviews, nor did I have a link to an email list anywhere in the ebook. I didn’t even have a link to a website. I was pretty ignorant. I had about a thousand downloads in one day, and I did nothing to solidify any of those readers to become fans.

If I did more research or if I followed the close advice of a paid expert, I might have set it up correctly. I learned this step on my own weeks after my freebie launch. I learned by making BIG mistakes, reading up, watching YouTube, listening to podcasts, reading blogs, and paying closer attention.

I am absolutely confident that I don’t have the faintest idea of my next mistake if I stay solo. I most likely will not know even if I go the pay the piper route. I think I would be able to narrow it down, or at least ask. I could probably ask if I felt comfortable in any groups I am in too. The cyber introvert takes over; this I need to get over. I’m sure there are many of us out there (at least I like to think so).

Say you choose an expert course. Which one do you choose? I tend to think the course material is similar since many of the authors run in the same circles, no? Well, Kindlepreneur wrote an article on his blog about four self-publishing courses. He broke them down and analyzed them. He ACTUALLY took the courses, according to the article.

The article is called:


So, not all of the courses are EXACTLY the same, I guess.

I know there were a few emails I received about a specific course. I didn’t trust the expert and the money they were asking? I almost fainted.

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I appreciate you trying to make some money but woah! The reason I need help is that I am not making money. You think I have over a thousand dollars to hand to you? I will stick to searching the internet and making mistakes, thank you.

There are swindlers in every business. This person is rarely seen in the circle, I believe I only noticed one or two webinar spots with this person involved. Then the person disappeared. That leads me to think others saw through the garbage too.

So maybe it is a good thing I did not choose to pick up an expert course so quick out of the gate. I may have ( couldn’t afford that person) picked up the wrong expert for me. I might have not been ready or may not have understood the terminology. Maybe I would have been lost in some of the material. Possibly I would have listened to a swindling expert that would have steered me in the wrong direction.

I wouldn’t know, as I was so new and green at the time. Timing seems to be in everything we do. Whether you choose an expert or go the ‘organic’ route (a term I’ve learned from experts meaning free), I wish you the best of luck.


Stay fabulous.

Robyn Branick


Robbie Ellie

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