Growing Pains…Reviews

The other day, I was reading an article on how a newbie or unknown author can improve the number of reviews on their books. I didn’t implement any of the tactics as of yet, I am still waiting on how useful my improved blurbs are. I must wait another week or two before I change anything.

However, I was curious if I received any new reviews for my perma free book or my other books. To my surprise, I received one. Let me be clear, the first review I received for “Wendy’s Song” was great but I will not be discussing it. This review was a five star and the comments were complimentary.

Yesterday, I received another review for the book, it was two out of five stars. The confusion for me is, the comments for me were complimentary as well (in my eyes). Except for the first line, I didn’t think it was so bad.

“I did not enjoy it unfortunately.

It is well written and realistically painful.

I read to escape and this made me sad.”

I felt good after this review. I don’t know how many see the two stars and not read the comments. I am not sure how many will skip the blurb and read the review. The reviewer did not like the book, which is fine. I am not going to connect with everyone’s taste.

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It worries me now; how do I move on and start to ask for reviews after I received a two star? My style is to evoke anger, sadness and (at times) the feeling of loss or confusion. The emptiness one feels inside when you just lost a playoff game or your childhood pet runs away.

If I struck that emotion inside of you, I doubt you will be happy with me. I think the comments might be nice, but I am not sure about the stars. I am not positive about all the comments. “John’s Journey” has a review and the title is called “A book with two endings.” This review received three stars.

I love that the title is so captivating. The reviewers are giving me GREAT advertising. I am confused on the star ratings. It is more apparent the “John’s Journey” review is less appreciated, but the comments give more of a synopsis than hate or love of the book. This is why I am assuming it is more a hatred of ‘a book with two endings.’

I may have misunderstood the review. Either way, I love getting input in comments. Having only stars would make me cry. Having both stars and comments gives me agita.

For one small moment, I was confused. I questioned myself. I don’t have five-star reviews but I have okay comments. I didn’t feel comfortable asking for reviews, to begin with, but I knew the task has to be done.

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I decided to check out my email. I needed to forget this for a little while, let it fester in my subconscious. My brain will work it out somehow. I opened an email that was surprisingly perfect for what I was going through. I thought only Facebook read my mind; now I have experts emailing me and knew EVERYTHING I was thinking.

The email essentially said not to let a one-star review get you down. There will be one-star reviews and there will be nasty comments coming my way, it’s inevitable. At this moment, it hasn’t happened, but if an expert says it will happen, I’m not going to argue.

I am still astonished at the timing of the email. It couldn’t come at a better time. I am really grateful for the free advice that so many experts offer. I really love the comradery I feel in this industry.

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I know I blog, but to be honest, I am not one to put myself out there and comment much on unfamiliar social media posts. I notice many familiar names are connected on social media and it is a helpful and welcoming community. This is encouraging for cyber introverts like me.


Well, thank you for the email and encouragement. If you have an email list, a little bit of support goes a long way. I know this one did for me today. I will also remember this for when I have more than three people on my list. I am sure that will happen soon. I know by the time I get a nice list I will know what the heck to do with it, too.

Stay five-star fabulous and have a great day!

Robyn Branick


Robbie Ellie




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