Growing Pains…Is It Beneficial To Buy Your Own ISBN or Get the Amazon Freebie?

My first paperback was recently able to be distributed to other sites as of yesterday. I did not research enough my first book, nor did I investigate much with my second. As a matter of fact, I am still learning a lot as I continue on this journey.

new wendy cover

I am aware of the benefits of buying my own ISBN (for those who are not informed, click on ISBN to learn more). One significant advantage is you own the rights, and nobody can say otherwise. I was too excited to care at the time I was publishing my first book. Actually, all of my Amazon prints are associated with them.

I decided to sign up for IngramSpark this morning. I spent a significant period of time on the site, it is more detailed (in my opinion) than Amazon, so I was having a bit of trouble deciding on a few of the options they were giving me.

When I was on the page for “ISBN,” I pasted my book’s number, and they told me it already exists. Well, of course, it does. I Googled the issue. Ingram has different rules than Amazon. They distribute to places that are a little wary of self-published authors.

Okay, so…if you purchase your own ISBN, have yourself as the publisher, not Amazon or CreateSpace (they are a part of Amazon) you have a better shot at your books not being overlooked? That means your brand, or publisher name, has to be believable. I can’t just say, “Hey, look at me, Robyn Branick. I am a publisher.”

That would totally tell everyone I am a self-published author, no?

Karen Myers wrote this article “How to Use CreateSpace and Ingram Spark Together.”

Even though CreateSpace will be a thing of the past soon, the article helped me understand the principal reason why it is beneficial for me to purchase my own ISBN. I should brand myself as ‘robynbranickbooks’ and not just use Robyn Branick in the future. I might even change that to sound more professional if I need to invest in purchasing ISBN for my books. Do I need new business cards?

robynbranickbooks business card

The next step for me is, what do I do with all of these books that are already in print? I would have to create new editions for them all. That’s about nine books right now. Maybe I will wait on them and purchase future books with my new publishing name (whatever that may be, I’ll research that soon).

They weren’t kidding when they said self-publishing is a business. I need to look into e-book rights again. I didn’t need to purchase anything for them but what are my rights there? I know I clicked the button on my KDP options to make sure that all my books are allowed distribution to other sites after 90 days.

Some days are exciting, and other days my head is spinning. I shall see what is in store later and get back to you all another day.

Good luck with your publishing, make sure you read the article if you are as lost as me. Have a fabulous day!

Robyn Branick


Robbie Ellie


2 thoughts on “Growing Pains…Is It Beneficial To Buy Your Own ISBN or Get the Amazon Freebie?

  1. I buy my own ISBNs and my publishing/imprint name is Coffee & Kisses Press. That imprint is listed as publisher for all my books. It’s the name I buy my ISBNs under when I buy them from Bowker (in the US). It takes a little researching to come up with a good name that no one else is using, and that you want associated with your books forever and ever. then you have to come up with a cute little picture, too, just like publishing houses and all their imprints. you can make a cute one in, or search free logo makers and they will design something for you for free. Creating an imprint is fun. 🙂 Good luck!


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