Growing Pains…Completing My To-Do List

Earlier this week I needed to complete some tasks and wrote my to-do list. Here it is:

  • clean up my Gmail account.
  • Find my comments on my account (I know I have them, my phone told me)
  • figure out how to perma free my one book

After I published this list, I received a comment from a much more experienced blogger on how to perma free my books:

Vania Margene Rheault

3 days ago·
User Info

To go permafree, off your book on another site, like Smashwords and price it for free. Then email Amazon and ask them to pricematch. Amazon won’t let you go permafree, so this is the only way to force them to let you.

Awesome….one task down. I played with my comments and settings after that. Wouldn’t you know it? I figured out how to complete task number two (I see I am going backward but as long as I get it done).

If the comments are not on your posts, you click on: READER at the top left of the screen, then: CONVERSATIONS. If the comments are on your posts, click on: MY SITE (all the way on the top left of the screen) then at the left side of the bar, there will be a spot that says: COMMENTS.

This took me a while because I did not have too many comments on my posts nor did I comment that often on other posts.

The third task to complete…clean up my Gmail account.

I have things in categories, I have items deleted, I have most garbage out of my account. We shall see in time if I keep it clean. I hope I can. I don’t even bother trying with my other email account. That would take weeks.

All tasks are complete. A beautiful, easy going day. I think I should take today to decompress, so I don’t get newbie writer burnout. I will call my aunt and ask her if I can go swimming in her pool. It is hot outside.

Stay cool and fabulous!

Robyn Branick


Robbie Ellie


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