Growing Pains…E-Mails and Contacts

When I began the blogging journey, I had no followers, no likes, no readers. As I received emails stating my stats of likes, followers, and comments, I created folders for each category. Let’s face it, everyone knows that giddy feeling of your first follower, that first like and your first comment which wasn’t your aunt or cousin (even those were great feelings).

Now I am beginning to grow a small group of followers, my email account is growing as well. I wouldn’t mind this if I didn’t make another mistake from the start. I did not take into account the fact that I might have a following so I used the email account for other things. Of course, the email address is used for my novelette series. I also used it for products, or I signed up for silliness thinking it would be no big deal.

Now I need to unclog the account on occasion. Google mail does a decent job by categorizing social and promotional, but at times, some emails seem to sneak through on me. Not to mention, the overwhelming feeling of excitement I still get while categorizing my followers, likes, and comments. Honestly, I still can’t find my comments on my emails. I see them on my phone but not on my Gmail. I don’t know how to get them on WordPress either. I really do have a lot to learn.

It is what it is. I have learned a few more tips the past few days about publishing and marketing, I will discuss them in the next day or two, but first I need to find my comments. I was reading a few articles this weekend, and a couple of blogs I follow had excellent tips I didn’t know. I have the bloggers on my page that I follow if you would like to check them out. Very informative posts, look them up, you will see.

I will also tell you how I found my comments on my Gmail, I am sure most of you already know how. I probably just missed them. I might just go through my folders and double check. My best tip to the newbie bloggers or authors out there is to keep your email account clean and solely for your books/ blogging. Sooner or later it will get too cluttered with silliness.

I am far from done when it comes from finishing my blogging. I love that I have followers that enjoy reading my posts. This is another blunder that makes my blog so unique. So now, I figure out how to clean up my email account, keep it for my novelette series and blogging, then share with you all.

Oh, I ordered business cards the other day. I have a lot of people asking me for my email address and website. I can’t just tell them. I can’t always write it on a napkin. Not everyone has a pen on them, so I bought two sets. One batch for my children’s books and one for my novelette series.

robynbranickbooks business cardrobbie ellie business card

I think this was a good idea. I spent ten dollars for 500 cards each set. I figure if you’re going to ask me about my sites and books, you will throw out a napkin. You will be less likely to toss the card out without looking at it. If they do, it wasn’t meant to be. If I get one or two sales out of each of the cards, I made my money’s worth for the purchase.

beef blur bread bun
Photo by Foodie Factor on

If not, it is still fun to have business cards with my name on them. I feel fancy now. Most of the jobs I have had in my life never required business cards. Imagine your diner waitress coming up to you at the end of your midnight meal, handing you the check and a business card? Her logo is a cheeseburger deluxe. It would be fun but not logical.

Well, back to business: this morning I added my free ebook offer to the beginning of two of my children’s books. I had my contact information in the back, but virtually all advice I have heard lately on funnels and reader magnets are saying to add the offer in the front as well. That’s why I changed it.

I also hear giving a perma free ebook away is the way to go, but when I tried to do this on Amazon, they wouldn’t let me. I need to figure out how to do this. I am not sure if this was because I am involved in the KDP program, or I am not doing the steps correctly.

I know that many of the experts have been in the field for years, but they (unknowingly) sometimes skip steps or assume we know what they mean by particular terms. Please don’t take this the wrong way. I am also aware that there is a time constraint or the free offer of ‘how to’ is to get someone to sign up for more ‘detailed’ training.

If I am confused by that one step or that term, I am not going to sign up. I need a little more help, and your product is too advanced. My opinion. I might be in the minority but something to think about.

That just means, I need to move on. I will go to a more detailed oriented expert. That person may have a little bit longer of a presentation, but it might be more helpful for me. Sometimes all of the experts tend to forget. I just assume it is me. This perma free problem is one of them. So was the email list for a while. I still have a small email list, but at least I finally figured it out, thanks to mail chimp.

I will share this blunder also. I think I might not be the only one come to think of it.

My to-do list for this week:

clean up my Gmail account.

Find my comments on my account (I know I have them, my phone told me)

figure out how to perma free my one book

I have a few more, but I don’t want to bore you.


Thanks for reading, have a great day. Stay fabulous.

Robyn Branick


Robbie Ellie





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