Growing Pains…DIY Audiobook, Tougher Than They Say

I can’t afford to shell out the hundreds of dollars to a narrator. I have a fear of commitment. I also have little patience, so waiting for weeks on someone to read my story and get back to me is not an option for me.

I read a few articles on DIY audiobooks. I was somewhat excited to try it out. I even bought myself a cute little microphone and stand for thirty dollars to help drown out background noise. In the articles, they suggest a small room to help with noise control. I cleaned out my cupboard. audio studio

Granted, it is small. I used old blankets and sheets to cover the walls and floors. I still had to keep my sandwich bags and other items in the room (as you can see), I live in a small apartment. I did clean out as much as I could. I think I did okay.

Since it is a cupboard, I have no outlets so I have an extension cord that will be used to go to the kitchen. The DIY really is extreme DIY. I don’t mind. I want to get this done, so I need to pull this together. As I become more advanced, I will work on getting better equipment and improving my little ‘audio studio’ to fit my needs. I’m sure I will figure out what to invest in and what needs improvement. For now, shelling out thirty dollars and cleaning out my kitchen’s closet is a good start.

My microphone comes in. Woo Hoo! I am ready to roll! I write on my list of to-dos

Chapter One of Wendy Audio

So today, I have my other task on my to-do list. I check off one or two of them. I get to my audio chore. I review a few of the tips.

Tip #1- If I blunder on a sentence, wait for a second and reread the sentence. Great advice there! I thought I would have to reread the whole chapter! I can edit out the blunder, nice.

Tip #2- Read the same time each day. My morning voice and evening voice are different. I was not aware, not that I ever thought of it but great tip!

Tip #3-Have a glass of water near you. This one I am worried about. I am clumsy. I will spill the water all over my laptop. Take this tip at what it’s worth. I guess I could have bottled water, I should have something to keep my mouth/throat from getting dry.

Okay, there are many more, just look them up if you are serious about audiobooks. Another great one is don’t record on audacity if you want to edit. They are not where you want to place the draft. Also, don’t do stereo in the recording, do mono…these two steps I did not remember.

I dropped the ball on this. I guess I will use an excuse (I know, I should never use excuses and just own up to mistakes) thaevery pro wast I was too excited to realize until after I finished the first chapter.

Silly me. It took me about an hour to read my chapter. Wendy’s Song is a novelette, so the sections are small. Many of my friends tell me they read the entire book in about two hours or so. I like when they say that. It tells me they were into the story enough to keep reading.

Audiobooks take a long time to prepare. I am sure it will be quicker once I figure out what I am doing, just like with my first children’s book, Silly Sally & Alex Go to the Zoo. That took me days to format. The rest of the books took only hours. I didn’t know how to format at first, then I changed things up.

I noticed that all the reading and research in the world will not make you better if you don’t attempt it yourself. I need to try and fail a few times before I can figure things out. Lots of the advice helps, sure. Half of the information I have no clue what they’re talking about until I actually go through the actions of whichever topic the authority is discussing.

I am sure it is the same for everyone, at some point. This is why I am only stating three tips. The other two are just as a matter of fact statements that I didn’t do. I didn’t go into detail, how many out there are publishing audiobooks?

From the unauthorized stats, it’s less than half of the ebook population (please don’t quote me on that, UNOFFICIALLY). Rumor has it, it’s the way to go. I am trying it out, unsuccessfully right now. I will eventually get it. At this rate, the majority of the self-published ebook community will have their audiobook out before me.

I have a friend reading my short story in the audiobook. I want to try her out. If it works well, I want her to work on the third book in my series, Saving Lisa. My other friend is going to read John’s Journey for me. Another tip they mention is to have narrators similar to the main character in the books. I would love to get different narrators for the books, but employing others is too new for me.

Having strangers as narrators I can’t push them for deadlines and have to pay them too much. Friends will be more tolerant of my erratic behavior.

I will have to schedule “studio time” for my employees. I doubt I will get much out of them if I just tell them to read. Plus I have the equipment. Another new experience I shall share with you when it comes. It should be fun directing them. I don’t know if I should bother directing or just let them be. I am sure I will micromanage and annoy them.

My next reading session will be sometime next week. I am going to take advice from a friend that keeps telling me I am non-stop. She says I need to slow down so I told her that’s what I will do this weekend. I doubt I will keep my word, I will do my best. Thanks for reading.

Keep blogging and writing, I enjoy your posts. I hope whatever you read this weekend is as fabulous as you!

Robyn Branick


Robbie Ellie



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