Growing Pains…Rewriting Content in Published Books

I have been writing for only three months now, but I realized that I have learned A LOT in this little amount of time. I have much more to learn, I know.

Since the beginning of June, I have published four novelettes, four children’s books and two free books for e-mail lists, plus poems and short stories on my lesser-known site. I have watched multiple webinars, listened to many podcasts, read an endless amount of blogs and articles and signed up for a countless number of experts’ email lists. Placeholder Image

I am not saying I am an expert yet. I am far from it. I AM saying I am a lot more informed in this field before publishing my first book.

I read ebooks before publishing. I read how to books and skimmed through a few articles. I thought I knew more than I did. As a matter of fact, just the other day I was reading an ebook and realized I was doing something wrong this whole time. To reach potential email subscribers, I should add a quick hello at the beginning of the ebook, add my website link. I shouldn’t just have it at the end.

As a matter of fact, the link should give something, not just beg for subscribers. This book offers my author central site. I am not sending anyone to an email sign up. I am aware I am losing potential fans. I did send them to other books, something that was missing altogether, at least I added something.

With all of the reading and research, how could I miss this vital step? Sometimes I need multiple ways of hearing, reading and seeing something before it clicks. This is most likely why I have such a weakness in keyword strings. I am still working on this, I noticed I am improving on it and I will get better at this too.

As a matter of fact, my mother was visiting the other day and could not reach my site on her phone, so she googled me. I was all over her phone. I was ECSTATIC!! I surprised myself that I didn’t look me up earlier, to be honest. I am a bit of a narcissist.

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I actually started to dance in my living room. My mom knows I get excited, so the dance was no surprise to her. We forgot to bring up my site on her phone. I was too happy. That shows me I am improving on SOMETHING, what…not sure yet. I will realize soon enough.

I received an email from Amazon about their contest for the Amazon storyteller 2018. I had the keyword to enter the contest in one of my ebooks that are too short for print. I reread the book’s last page, I rearranged the author’s bio and added a site in the beginning.

I don’t plan on doing this to all my books right now, but I felt this one I could fix. This book doesn’t have a printed version. I read somewhere that after one year, it is appropriate to revise your cover on your books. I think I am going to look up when it is appropriate to have a new edition of your printed versions of books. I don’t want to change much, but as I become a better writer, I would like to revise my stories.

I understand as a new author, my first stories are not going to be my best works going forward. I am okay with this, I still love my works, they are great. They will need revisions in the future (not now). My style will change, and I will understand professional writing much better as I continue in this business.

The letters and words will come together. They will flow much smoother. This business of marketing will not be a struggle. I will not be an illiterate playing a game of Scrabble as I try and promote my work.

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I am not knocking myself by any means. Trust me. As I said earlier, I have confidence in myself. If I didn’t like my books, they would not be out for the world to purchase. I believe everyone should have a copy of each book I wrote.

I understand the ways of writing and publishing much more. In the three months I have been doing this, I have seen a difference already.

I am reading and following many experts. Most experts have the same basic ideas. There are some differences in their opinions. I worry when I hear an idea or topic that sounds sensible but not the norm. Do I listen to them? I trust this person, or I wouldn’t follow them or read any of their articles.

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If I do follow the advice, does it pertain to my genre? Many of these tips sound more for businesses or blogs than for fiction or children’s books. Then I think, how long before I jump ship when it doesn’t seem to be working? I am always afraid to ask. I don’t want to sound like their way is not going to work for me. I am willing to try, but if I ask, it seems like I am pessimistic. Maybe I am, but in reality, I feel I am cautiously optimistic.

If I am only writing an ebook, changing the content in the book would be easy. If it is a free marketing technique, I would have no issue trying it out. If the method is a long-term or significant money investment, I am skeptical. Especially if this is coming from an expert that is not coming from my genre. I can’t completely trust the success stories, what works there, may not work here.

I must say, many of the techniques make sense to me. I can’t guarantee they will be 100k a day sales for me. I do see some improvement in my knowledge of all aspects of marketing, publishing, and writing.

Only the future will tell me what will happen. I will keep you posted. Thank you for reading.

Keep writing, I will be reading your posts, bloggers of the world. That is one of the places I learn.

Robyn Branick



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