Growing Pains…Contemplating a Publisher’s ‘Self-Help’ Course

I have stated in previous blogs that I published eight books since the beginning of June. Not a great strategy for a brand new writer, but I felt that it was my way of getting noticed. I think I should have spent more time letting them ferment. Let the books sit and let me look at them a while later to revise one more time. I am very new at the game and I wanted to push out my work. I am not saying I don’t like what I write. I am saying there is always room for improvement.

This being said, I have two other works I did not publish. I kept them as my ‘lead magnets’ or ‘funnels’ for my e-mail lists. My extra large, extravagant e-mail list that is two members long. That being said, I need to work on my email list.

I have been reading material e-mailed to me. You know, the easy ways to get A BILLION FANS and A ZILLION DOLLARS. Why is this advice not working? I know, I am understanding only half of what the experts are saying. I have too many cooks in the kitchen. I have no idea what I am REALLY doing.

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Maybe it is all of the above, perhaps it is only one of these. What I do know is, SOMETHING is not working. I decided that while I take a break from writing my next big blockbuster book, I am going to grow my brand. I need to let my books have a chance to be seen.

As many of you in the business know, multiple emails come each day with offers to join exclusive courses for publishing your books, growing your businesses, and branding your products. I read some, delete others and unsubscribe to many.

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Today, I read up on an article that compared four great names in the business and what their courses had to offer in comparison to each other. There were pros and cons, who they were best suited for, and why. Dave Chesson wrote the article. It was extremely informative and helped me out with many questions. I only had one question that I didn’t ask, I decided not to bother after reading the comments section.

Honestly, the comments are the best place to go after an article. That’s where I always find the good stuff.

I was torn between two of the courses. I have already written eight books but in a short period of time. Am I considered a beginner or novice? Which category would I fit? The two courses I was teetering between had great attributes between them. I have two people on my email list. I have some experience, but with little to no effect. Is this because of time? Is this because I am too new and inexperienced?

I look in the comments. I find that the one course is a bit outdated. Okay, now it makes little difference. I will not spend my money on an outdated course. A reply states that respected author of the course will be informed. I will reconsider at a later date.

The other course is not being held at this time. Many of these courses are live for the authors to give you one to one instruction or some form of interaction (you’re paying for a service, they give you their time).

I keep reading the comments, a reader posted something about AtoZ publishing. It is a totally free course. You sign up with your email address and receive an offer for a writing course for $26. If you choose to say no to the writing bonus, you still get the totally free AtoZ publishing course.

I decided to check it out. What do I have to lose? So far it is relatively basic. If you are brand new to the game, this is for you. I am ready to move past the section I am in. I have the option to, but I wanted to see what I was looking at first.

If you know someone with little to no money and is BRAND NEW to self-publishing, they can start with this as a foundation. The first few segments tell them, how it is. One line says: as a writer, you’re going to suck. We all do. I love it! Reality is the name of the segment, and that’s what I got.

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I didn’t get much further than that but so far so good. I see there are more advanced segments, I am hoping to find out about my email blunders and how to figure out my weakness with keywords. I hear the same lectures over and over, but I don’t get it. I think if I hear it from somebody else (again), it just might click (at least that’s what I’m hoping).

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Time will tell if this works out. In the meantime, I ordered a microphone to record my own audiobook so we will have a lot of fun talking about that real soon. Another great article I read from Dave; creating my own audiobook. I just love trying new things.

Have fun writing, I know I always do!

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