Growing Pains… Gurus Have Issues Too!

Non-stop reading, listening to advice, and attempting to implement the tools given for all these months has been a struggle for me. I have done my best. Yesterday I went to my local library and donated all of my books to their collection. A part of me feels I can’t afford to do this, another part of me thinks that the exposure will help get my name out there.

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I made an appointment with the children’s librarian for next week. We will be going over the dos and don’ts of my books. I am hoping I get a lot out of it. She definitely has seen a lot more books than me. She is more exposed to the tastes of today’s children. I believe this will be helpful. I did not get this advice EXACTLY from a guru, I took a bit from one, and a bit from another and sort of meshed it together. That’s what I like about having so many voices of expertise in this industry. Many are always in a discussion/ interview together.

It seems indie publishing is a tight group. Everyone knows each other or at least heard of one another in some way. Everyone is a bold word, I know, but it seems this way.

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Earlier in the week, I signed up for a webinar which includes a favorite guru of mine. I love to sign up for Joanna Penn’s offers. I enjoy her endless storage of knowledge when it comes to publishing, writing, marketing, etc. She knows an awful lot. What she doesn’t know, she will interview another expert. Her podcasts are entertaining because she cracks herself up. I like when people can make themselves laugh. I am the same way.

I have listened to her podcasts while I am doing chores around the house. Granted, I can’t sit and listen for an hour, I am the type that always needs to be doing something. It is in my nature. I still get a lot out of her words. I made it a habit to put my buds in and wash my dishes or cook a meal while she’s interviewing another guru of her caliber.

The other day she had a woman discussing children’s books (episode 388 if you’re interested). I just started writing children’s books so I am unfamiliar with many gurus that are out there in this field. I know of one so far.Add heading (2).jpg

I enjoyed hearing this interview, it gave me some useful tips to take with me to another level. Between this interview and another woman that was in a different webinar, I got the idea to donate my books to my local library AND ask the librarian for advice.

I received an email later on about another guru I am familiar with. He is not known (to me) with writing children’s books but I have heard him on other interviews and I have read a few things he has written. I was pretty excited to be a part of the webinar where BOTH the Penn and the Nick Stephenson will be speaking (the first 10k reader).

I went to the webinar and I thought it was my wrongdoing. After a few minutes, I clicked out of the webinar. The next morning, I checked my emails. There were a couple emails from both gurus apologizing. The technology failed them. One part of me felt sorry that they weren’t able to have their webinar. Another part of me realized…they fail too.

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Things go bad, even for the experts. I hate this happened to them. They may have lost some potential clients (hopefully not). This fail gives me hope that I can overcome the messes that I have made. I am new to this so I am supposed to royally fail. When I have established myself I will still fail; hopefully, LESS OFTEN, time will tell.

I just completed another MailChimp attempt this morning. It was simpler than the past ten that I tried to make. It actually worked when I tried it out. I was able to add a document and URL to the email I am sending out. I was barely able to figure out how to add my email address when I first started.

I will have these growing pains, but they will be less of a pain. This is indeed a rollercoaster. I see that even the best in the business still have their share. I am not an evil villain out to watch anyone fail, but I feel closer to the Penn and Nick for seeing that even the greats have their share of moments.

I have to wait another week for the webinar, that’s fine. I will wait. I’m sure it’ll be worth it. In the meantime, I will go back and reevaluate my AMS campaigns. I watch and reassess but still have trouble with my clicks, impressions, and sales. I watch the rocket videos all the time but my inexperience is always my downfall.

There is a lot to learn. I will get this. When I have one of those days where nothing goes right, I will tell myself even the experts have bad days. Then I will carry on with another task on my to-do list.

I am sorry that your webinar did not work out but thank you for your honesty. It helped the little guys in the industry. Somebody like me that needs to see you are vulnerable to the madness and chaos of everyday frustrations.

Keep up with the fantastic writing, I hope whatever you’re reading is as fabulous as you.

Robyn Branick

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Robbie Ellie

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