Growing Pains…Getting Rich or Writing Books?

I am struggling with what my goal is at the moment. I know I came into this wanting to write books, but now I realize I can’t JUST write books. I need to market. This sounds like the same post rewritten over and over. It may be, but that is how the life of a newbie author is. We struggle with that slap in the face… writing a book will not make us a success overnight. We will fail, we will not become rich and famous, we need to work at more than typing a few words on a page and sending it to Amazon or Smashwords.

I have written eight books in less than three months of my writing career. I am in the process of another children’s book at the moment. This will make it nine by the end of the week. I still have no idea what to write in the author’s section, I don’t know how to create a dazzling description. Even with the research I have done on metadata, keyword description and google searches; I am terrible at getting my books ‘known’ or interesting for the public eye.1460155244376

I am bummed that I write an entire children’s book or novelette and have no words to describe what is in the story. I can certainly talk my friends’ ears off when I am discussing the Jets’ defense during football season. Why not my own work? What is stopping me?

The first book, I understand. I was not thinking about the cover, I was excited to get ‘my name out there.’ Now should be different. Eight books in I should be seasoned with the process. I am getting in the way of myself. I don’t know if this is a typical response or if I am ridiculous.

silly sally go to zoo book cover preview purple
Book Description, No Author Bio

What I should do is describe the book either before or as I am writing it and reread the description before I publish it. Please help me if you feel this is wrong. The description is what will sell my work (if the readers bother to click). There is no point in marketing if I don’t have an excellent description for that book.

Anyway, back to the objective. I have been reading up on marketing some more. My descriptions are a weakness. I am aware of this. I love to write, I see that in my obsession to spit out so many books so quickly. This may not be the way to go about things, I shall see in time.

I read a blog earlier today from someone I follow. It discussed indie writers and their impatience and lack of funds to edit. This, in my case, is true. I need to relax a bit on the novelettes and let them sit before I publish. Give them a week or two, go back and revise again. I don’t have the funds to get an editor that is worth the money. I tried that once, it was great but expensive. I tried a route that paid less and I got burned. You get what you pay for.

I like to write, I need to market. The purpose of marketing is to advertise YOU. Sell YOU, show off yourself as your brand. That is what I’m seeing (at least that is my interpretation). If I am having difficulty describing my books, how will I be able to sell ME?

Will the time I shelve my novelettes give me reflection to see what my BRAND is? Does my brand change when I write a new book? I am the same person but the book might be a different genre (another tip that I picked up, change up your genre, get a broader audience). Am I listening to too many gurus?

This is where the blog title comes in. Stick to WRITING BOOKS or GET RICH? I’ll be honest, I don’t see myself getting rich any time soon. I wouldn’t mind 50k a year; that’s my goal for now. If I surpass this, I will be a happy camper. If I get 2/3 this goal, I will not cry too hard. I will continue creating children’s books and add an occasional novelette.

I think I need to communicate more on writer’s forums. I should ask questions. That is something I don’t do, I really should. Another newbie mistake. I read but rarely comment. Believe it or not, I am shy on the internet with people I don’t know. Face to face I’ll talk your ear off.

That may be another reason I am having trouble with marketing. I need that push to brand ME.

I need to put my big girl pants on, go ask questions on the writer’s forums and find out how to create kick-butt descriptions for my books. Next, I need to figure out how to jump off that cliff and brand ME. Then I will be getting rich.

Enough of this rambling, thank you for reading. First write, then get rich.

I hope you are writing a kick-butt description of your book, I will be reading them.

Robyn Branick

Author Central/Amazon


Robbie Ellie

Author Central/Amazon

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