Growing Pains…I am Growing as a Writer, My Fan Base is Not

It is a rough feeling when you see you have more books than fans. I am pushing out two books a month, I am on my third month. Sure, I have a pen name for my children’s books. That shouldn’t matter (I think it does).

As an author, I love to write more than market, most authors do (I’m guessing). I am also an illustrator for my children’s books because I love to draw and paint. This takes a lot out of my marketing time. Not that it matters much, I still don’t like that side of the business.

I am lucky enough to have good friends and family that share some of my annoying posts and blogs that flood facebook. I am relatively positive some FBFs have either unfriended me or listed my name in the see less of this person’s posts category. I am okay with that, not offended, I have done the same with some of my FBFs. I am not one to like everyone’s posts (I don’t believe everyone should, honestly).

Since I have two books out, I need to get the word out for sales. I posted on Facebook. I tweeted, I mentioned my books on Google+, I added the links on my websites. I read up on marketing this weekend. As I read up on the marketing, the same information continues to come up.

where’s my pizza ebook


I know the majority of the information, I still don’t understand some of it. I can’t comprehend, or maybe I just can’t work it properly. Am I too new to the game? Am I not implementing the tools correctly? What am I doing wrong?

Well, I was FINALLY able to add a landing page for my children’s book to begin an e-mail fan base. I can’t be sure how it will work out, I need time to see. This is the link to add email addresses to get the free ebook: how they met free book I read up on funneling and a reader’s magnet, I will implement that in a few days with my Regrettable & Forbidden Series, next week. I need to finish the short story, and then I will use Wendy’s Song as a free ebook.

Wendy’s Song is free today (8/12/2018) but not perma – free just yet. I need to modify the last page to add the free e-mail. I messed up on that. I just wanted readers to get hooked to the story so they might buy the other two books.

I know I am new, this is why I can’t make silly mistakes. I can’t afford mistakes like this. I find myself making too many of them. I see them too often but after the fact. I either make these ridiculous mistakes, or I absorb information that has little to no use for me (at least I don’t think it does for weeks at a time).

Once I realize I am doing so many wrong things, I think to myself Should I bother with this career? Is this what I should be doing? Everyone else seems to know what they’re doing but me.

I always go to my rollercoaster metaphor. This ride is making me dizzy. I have so many ups and downs. The twists and turns are crazier than I expected. I have little patience and two to three months of experience is nothing compared to those who have it all together.

Today’s post is not a pity post. It is about a frustrated writer that went into a business thinking of the glamour of the writing; not thinking of the struggles of marketing and sales.

Growing pains have a lot of naivety. So far I have learned to be smarter about who to listen to. As I read emails, if they just try and sell, delete and/ or spam them. Unsubscribe immediately. If they give a bit of info, free information on how to spot something that doesn’t seem right, you have someone decent (obviously my opinion and personal experience).

If they don’t say it is for sale or free in the comment, I don’t bother clicking. I delete, spam, and/or unsubscribe. I believe you need to be upfront with me. If you’re not up front, you have something to hide.

This is a slow process, too slow for my taste but I will get there. I read something from a friend that mentioned, “If you are taking one step a day, you are still moving faster than the person lying on their couch.” This has something to do with going to the gym, but I changed it to mean something for me. I am not sure if these are the exact words, but you get the idea.

Whenever I get frustrated, I need to think, I am taking that one step today by, writing another story, writing on this blog, reading someone’s blog, watching a video on marketing, reading more on marketing, figuring out how to sell more of me (my books, my merchandise, my brand, my children’s site).

The most critical piece of this journey is to stay positive and keep going. Thank you for reading, I hope you’re writing something fantastic. Whatever you’re reading today I hope is as fabulous as you.

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