Growing Pains…My Head is Spinning!

Okay, last night I didn’t go to sleep until I finished the cover the way I wanted it. I think I did a pretty fantastic job. I went on to Amazon and what a surprise, it didn’t work. Oh well, a few hours go by, and I tweaked it again to get it done.

I get so excited I decided to finish the other cover. That one doesn’t work either, so I fix that one too, of course. My eyes probably don’t work at this point, but I must carry on! I am not one to leave a job undone.

I have both covers finished, I have the manuscripts complete, I have everything in place. Oh, look…I can have my work sold to other countries. I will sign up for Amazon UK and Amazon Denmark (I don’t speak or write in German but hey, free money if they read in English). I was considering signing my works up in Japan, but I decided to experiment with these two first.

The decisions I make on no sleep are adventurous ones…let me tell you. My proof copy of the children’s book came in while this was all happening. I went over it and saw nothing wrong (of course not, sleep deprivation impairs vision). I approved my work on CreateSpace and let my book go on its magical journey.

Of course, I need to ‘read’ about marketing the industry. Oh boy, do I need a nap! As I read the articles on the best places to investigate, I click the blue links. Majority of the sites are no longer available. Thanks for the great info buddy! I came across one magazine that was pretty cool. Not available for my publication or review but really inspiring for future writers of America.

It is called Stone Soup. It publishes works of future artists, writers, and poets. There were some incredibly talented young people out there. The children must be 13 and under so if you have an aspiring writer, look into it. This could encourage them to continue a dream of writing or drawing. I wish I had this when I was a kid. I emailed the company and told them I love their concept and keep up the good work.

As you can see, my focus gets a little off track at times. This is why I am not the best marketing manager. I create lists for myself every day, not that I complete the lists, but at least I have them. I only have three tasks to finish tomorrow. I believe I will get at least one done. I will attempt another on the list and most likely push the other one off until Thursday. I know for a fact I will get distracted again and add something ridiculous to the list just to say I completed it ( I will add it after I did it).

I finally fell asleep well into the afternoon hours, woke up three hours after that. I am still a bit sleep deprived but my eyesight not blurry, thank goodness.

I am still a bull in a china shop when it comes to this author/ marketing thing, but I can’t help my passion. I have always gone all or nothing. I will be this way for a long time. I will go for days with no sleep, extra focus until the job is done, crazy hours on one project and a messy house until the task is met. Then I will take the one or two days off, ignore everything and start this process over.

I love it, and from the emails and blogs I read, I see that many of you enjoy it as much as I do. Hopefully one day soon I will be as organized as some of you seem to be. Good luck with your writing today and I hope the book you are reading is as fabulous as you.

Robyn Branick


Robbie Ellie

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