Growing Pains…Mistake Number ??? Not Realizing How Willing Your Friends Are There To Help

Sure, I had my friend Karol and my mom read ENDLESS pages of my first draft, revisions, and umpteenth revisions of my first and second books. They were helpful and I was grateful. To be honest, I was surprised anyone could read so much of virtually the same work over and over again, let alone two people.

I was brand new to this. I still am, obviously. It’s about two months in and I am working on my third book. I decided that I will take advice from the Gurus and ask friends and family about covers. I am happy I did. My friends and family were MORE than willing to give me advice on what worked and what didn’t.

Let me start from the beginning. Since I started looking for a cover for my second book, I saw the perfect look (so I thought) for my third book. The main protagonist in book 3 of the series has grown and evolved and I basically had most of the story set up in a draft. I just had to tweak and revise, add a few twists and turns, you know the deal.

Anyways, this is cover #1:saving lisa cover

As you might not notice, she is in water. I initially thought she was breaking through glass. Oh well, my bad. That isn’t the best comment; that was just the most common one. The best comment came from a friend that said the cover looked like an ultrasound. That was it, I’m done with this cover photo.


saving lisa cover #2.jpg

Cover #2 is better, I thought. I was wrong once again. I made this one larger for a reason but we’ll get to that. My one friend ( I call her #fontgirl) tells me that from far away the ‘a and v’ look like ‘w’ in ‘Saving.’ Fonts can be easily fixed, so that’s no biggie.

My other friend tells me she likes the other pic better because you can see the woman’s nose hairs in this one. WHAT??!! I didn’t even notice. Thank goodness for input from friends. Imagine publishing a book and nose hairs are all over Amazon?

We are done with this cover!

My cousin is reading all the comments and sees how I am having so many trivial issues with my photos. She pm’s me with a great picture. I discussed online how I originally wanted a woman with shattered glass and that the character had dark eyes and she’s evolved since the first book.

My cousin came through for me in a big way. During the discussion, her and I came up with this:saving lisa cover 4

As you can see, so far it is better than the other two. There are still a few quirks to work out. My other friend helped me see a few of them. My name is blending in the background and on the left, the shattered glass is making the nose look funny. Back to the drawing board. My friend offered to help me tomorrow after I fix a few of the rough patches. One question though, what is up with the noses on my covers?

I have one more, not much more of a difference but so far it has a lot more likes than the other three covers.saving lisa cover image 5  I think a few more tweaks and I might have something. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the help of my friends and family.

I need to remember that this journey cannot be ventured alone. Sure, it is essential to collaborate with other authors. I am talking about those that are there for you before you started this. The ones that are your fans whether you sell another book or not.

I love the giving spirit of other authors and bloggers. They are outstanding, but this blog is to celebrate the love and support I get every day.

I tend to not realize how vital my friends and family are to me. They know my style, they know me for years and are important to my success. Thank you all for your help. I will be asking for your opinion more often. You can only make me a better person.

Keep writing & I hope whatever you read today is as fabulous as you

Robyn Branick

aka Robbie Ellie

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