Growing Pains…Affiliates and Associates?

I just learned how to become an associate and affiliate of a few big named companies. Let me tell you, it sounded so simple. It took me about three hours (not including my internet interruption from the storm) to set it up, and I still could not get it right. I give up on the one company.

I am okay with it. I am not supposed to have more than one company on my blog anyway (according to one particular company). I will deal with the other company until I figure out what I am doing.

To be honest, I am not even sure I will have anyone on my sites at the rate I am going. It sounds like easy money to me. If I could only figure out how to get this easy money started. I know how to copy and paste a GIF, I can link text to send it to another page, what is wrong with these copy ads?

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As usual, the common denominator in this scenario is me. I am quite aware. Thank you for pointing it out.

It just so frustrating when I hear a bunch of different ways to make money while writing and implement them thinking they’re so easy to do. It is obvious I can’t do all of the techniques. I don’t have a self-help, non-fiction book out so I will not be going on tour anytime soon coaching to a mass audience.

I only have two books published in my series so a box set makes little sense. The third will be offered soon, but I would like to give it time so I can be free of my contractual obligation from a particular company before creating the set.

I am now in another genre, children’s books. As much as I love it, it takes a lot of time away from my original genre. I don’t mind so much, it is part of the money making process.

More ways to make money will come soon (I hope). I added my children’s book to another company, they will be distributing the books to a global market, other bookstores and libraries and such. This will help with my name (Robbie Ellie) getting out to more than just one small circle. I hope to make this a career so this makes sense (to me).

Add some great keywords and utilize Google analytics wherever available, I am learning that at a snail’s pace.

Along with my new genre, I created a blog specifically for the children’s series Silly Sally & Alexsally and alex.jpg

It has stories based on the book series and I will be adding Sally telling Silly jokes. I will not be on that as often as I am on here, I will spend a lot of time illustrating for stories and such. I also have a site to sell merchandise based on the children’s book. I am not sure how well that will fare, we shall see.

Those are some of my updated money making attempts while I continue to write more books. I will be marketing, but on my terms. I am too much of a small fish in this big pond to make a real difference spending money on my books to become best sellers.

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The best way to advertise is to keep writing. The keywords don’t hurt either. I am getting so tired of thinking about keyword strings. Honestly, I should start a list of keywords for each book I have and keep it in a journal. I think of this when I am not writing the keywords on some site, I think of it when I am making a pot of coffee or when I am grocery shopping.

I am sure many others have similar issues. Reading other blogs, I feel better that I’m not alone in many frustrations in this business.

Thank you for reading, it helps to know one day when I figure out affiliate or associate or whatever A word it is, I might be able to make a buck or two. Good luck with your writing today and I hope whatever you are reading is as fabulous as you!

Robyn Branick

aka Robbie Ellie


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