Growing Pains… If Careers Were A Theme Park, Indie Writing Would Be a Roller Coaster Ride.

We are all at the Theme Park of Life and we all have ideas of where we want to go. I bet that ride will be fun and exciting! 

Yeah! I’m ready. Let’s go! We get in that line, talking and discussing our plans, our ideas and our dreams. We talk about the excitement of how awesome this ride will be.

We finally get in front. This is no longer a thought, it is a reality. The pit of our stomachs drop (for some) and the adrenaline kicks in.

The slow uphill journey of writing a book, the clicking of the keys reminds me of the click-clacking on the track of an exciting roller coaster. Our minds are racing. Our bodies are shaking with every click, every tap. We are at the top of the hill, the typing (manuscript) is done.

roller coaster ride
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That first book is ready to be launched. This is the first drop down the hill, everyone will see our book online. Everyone can purchase our hard work. I am getting dizzy. I want to jump out of the car…that’s an even quicker fall, so no.

This is it….AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

Wow, I can’t believe it, this is some ride! Uh oh, a twist is coming. I didn’t see that. I only sold one book (Aunt Ellen). “Hey mom, you’re not going to buy my book?”

ferris wheel in city
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Another drop, a drop in sales…nobody bought my book. Here’s an uphill. Some stranger bought my book. Uh oh, a twist, aka bad review. Wow, the pit in my stomach was so much better when it was because I was excited.

A small downhill, no reviews. I gave away my book for free. Holy cow, nine hundred downloads in one day? (insert excitement here) One good review. (insert confusion here)

Here are another uphill turn and spin. I fixed some of my marketing issues. “Wow, I have sales and they aren’t just family members! This is great!”

The ride slows down. We get out of the car. I love the ride. So many twists and turns. There’s talk of my book when I get off the ride. I need to go on again.

Thanks for reading. I was just thinking of Great Adventure today while I was writing part of my book. I wanted to see where it went. Good luck with your writing today. I hope the next book you read is as fabulous as you!


Robyn Branick

aka Robbie Ellie


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