Growing Pains…I Read WHAT Book?

I’m looking through my emails, and I see a notification asking me to review a book on publishing. Did I even read that book? I can’t remember. No, really, I can’t. The cover looks great. It seems like a quick read. Maybe if I have some time tonight and my eyes are not spinning from all of the chaos, I’ll give it a shot.

We all know I will forget by tonight. That is alright with me, but now I am thinking. This is precisely what is happening with MY books. Some people might find interest, Amazon may even remind them to review, but will they ever go back and take a look? If they are like me… probably not.

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This is where my brick wall is going to hit my face. I am at a loss. I figure hey, “at least they chose it to begin with.”

This cannot be enough for me if I want my KU money to come in. I need to find some ways to get people to read.

I don’t think reviews will do it. That only gets a few more to download a book they won’t read. Maybe if I find another way to rewrite the details of the book to the potential audience? That might get them to buy, does it get them to open the book?

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The first few pages are vital to the book, I don’t do introductions and all that jazz. I only have TP & COT and get right to it. I understand the impatience of wanting to get to the good stuff.

I already changed my cover, I fixed the keywords in my content of the book, these elements draw the readers that REALLY want to read the specific types of books to mine.

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Maybe the readers are just browsing for books and have good intentions. Maybe if I ‘think’ more like a reader, jot down my thoughts and incentives while I ‘browse’ I will find how to solve this issue. At the very least it could help me boost some downloads.

I am still at a loss of how to get those to actually READ the book unless I read it to them…I know, audiobooks.

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I need to practice my audiobook voice. I have been working on that. I am not the best reader. I lose my place, stutter on my own words, pause in unusual areas of the sentence, and emphasize the wrong words. Yes, I AM talking about my own works.

I read them in my head, and it’s perfect. I practice out loud, and I sound like I have never seen the story before, let alone wrote it. I can’t afford a professional, out of my range of funds. I will need to continue to practice on my own.

One good thing about doing this on your own is (if you can accomplish this) you are in control of WHERE you can emphasize, pause, slow down, or speed up the text. Sometimes readers can’t catch the little details. It is better coming from the author.

I need to get back to practicing my audio reading skills. There is money to be made. My first book I think I’ll try is 19. First, I think I need a coffee and a snack.

Thank you for reading, now go find a fabulous book and listen to it. Good luck with your writing today.

Robyn Branick

aka Robbie Ellie

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