Growing Pains… Children’s Book Blues

Impatience, I never learn. I created a website for merchandise based on my children’s book characters, I created a standing site for an email list that will giveaway a secret story ( I am in the process of creating the illustrations, ugh), and I updated information on a few of my social media accounts ( i think? can’t remember..i should have made a list). gee gee and sally phone cover

I am in the midst of writing my other novella for my series for my older audience. I think this is all exciting. Let me get back on track, another one of my quirks, I lose track…my mind is always all over the place.cropped-pexels-photo-958164.jpeg

I have no patience and I jumped the gun on publishing the kindle version of the Sally & Alex book. I thought my ducks were in a row, but I believe someone is feeding them bread because they began wandering about. I was forced to recreate a new site. The children’s website is the same as last night but the e-book was approved yesterday morning. The information is wrong in the Kindle story. That needs to change.silly sally cover kindle

My children’s book site is only halfway set up. I have merchandise on it as though it’s being sold through my website, it’s not. I need to fix that. The marketing area needs to be adjusted in so many areas that I barely have time to fix the formatting issues on the print version…another area I am still having trouble.silly sally go to zoo book cover preview purple

To top it off, I have a promise on my site that if you sign up to my email newsletter, you will get the secret story…the one I am in the middle of illustrating! Thank goodness I am not very popular, there would be tons of disappointment (even if I just added the link on here).

My hands are in too many cookie jars and as much as I love cookies, I get distracted from the real meal. This is a TOUGH business, crazy genre. It could be me, it must be me. I see all these other bloggers looking like they have their stuff together.

close up cookies delicious dessert
Photo by Brigitte Tohm on

I see these GURUS of writing trying to sell us NEWBIES their knowledge and expertise as if they have everything made and it is easy as pie. They are on their yachts, having fun, they are on vacation in Europe, they are living the life with their “six-figure incomes” as most of them declare.

man holding black backpack
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I am sitting on my laptop complaining to anyone that feels like reading how I can’t suitably format my embedded fonts for five days or how my bleed isn’t exceeding the paper set up for my manuscript to be accepted.

After days of trying, most of the pages have less ‘X’ marks on them. I do feel better about this. My novellas were simple to format, it took about a half hour or so to create and send. They were all (two) accepted right away.

As I say in many of my posts, I will learn. As I say in some of my posts, I will still worry and be all over the place, but it’ll still be fun for me. I love this craziness I call writing.

Who knows? I might even get this blogging thing down one day too. I’ll have to eat my words “Growing Pains” sooner than I think.

Once again, I see too many food references so I need to stop and find something to eat.

Imagine Dragons: Whatever It Takes is my motto for this week… for those who are not familiar with the song, click on the italics for the lyrics.

Thanks for reading. I wish you luck with your writing this week. I hope the book you read today is as fabulous as you!

Robyn Branick

aka Robbie Ellie





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