Growing Pains…Children’s Books? Yeah, They’re Tough To Format!

I thought this would be cake. Boy, was I wrong. I thought I would be slick by taking the techniques from South Park and cutting the heads off my characters, using the same backgrounds multiple times, only creating a few different body parts. Nope, that was only half the battle.cover idea 1 silly sally go to zoo.jpg

I LOVE to paint and draw, for fun. The same when it comes to writing stories. I LOVE writing, for fun. When something turns into an income, things change. When there is money to be made, expectations are on the line. Frustrations grow. It is not just my eye that will be seeing these works. It will not be my close family and friends critiquing every line and stroke of paint.

If you thought adults notice everything, walk into a first-grade classroom for one day. You will hear every single mistake you have made since you were born. They will remind you of EVERYTHING and not let it go. They will also give you some sweet dirt on their family, which is something I used to think was cute (I’m sure the family wouldn’t appreciate it).

boy child childhood class
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Youth is entertaining, but it also comes with a yearning for telling you everything they know. If they know something is wrong, they have no problem calling you out. It is a double-edged sword.

I was just discussing my favorite television shows with a friend today. I couldn’t believe the silly sitcoms I loved as a kid (Saved by the Bell and Sabrina the Teenage Witch) and how corny they were. I was saying how I can’t even get through one of the episodes now. I wouldn’t miss one back when they were new.

If I am going to be successful as a children’s author, I need to be corny, silly, and authentic but not get called out for mistakes that drive my audience away. That’s a lot of pressure. I love the primitive style of my illustrations. Are they enough not to get criticized by my audience?

Are they ‘Teenage Witch’ enough? If an adult doesn’t approve, it’s not that big of a deal, that’s not my target audience ( I hope I’m not wrong in that statement since the adults buy for the kids). silly sally cover kindle

I am still excited to write and draw the books. My Kindle version is out on Amazon.

I totally know it is a cute book. I have a new website out just for the books, and I have a site for the merchandise based off of the characters.gee gee and sally phone cover

I am learning how to market a little more. I will get an audience through children’s books. I like to write my novellas too so I will continue that (when I need to relax). I think I found my niche in this genre.

As usual, I have my worries. I will always have my concerns because that is how I am wired. Just like I exaggerate 24/7, I worry 24/7.

I finally learned about embedding fonts after five days (that was NOT an exaggeration). I am hoping the pdf. is accepted for print tomorrow. I really want to sell the print version of my book soon. Silly Sally & Alex Go To the Zoo. That is the name of the book.

Just like all writers, I will improve. I will learn from this crazy experience and it will become easier. I will stop worrying about each and every child that potentially reads my story and I will enjoy the process. I will clean up the mistakes I don’t see at first and by the fifth or sixth book, this writing thing will be cheese.

I’m using too many food phrases, I must be getting hungry. Thanks for reading. Good luck in your writing endeavors and I hope the next book you read is as fabulous as you!

Robyn Branick

aka Robbie Ellie

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