Growing Pains…Virtual Seminars

I was skeptical at first, but I gave it a shot. So far so good. I am learning some exciting tips and putting a few of them to (hopefully) good use. I will share some of what I have learned in the past two days.

The speaker in my virtual seminar today discussed keywords for Amazon. I know, everyone has those seven keywords that are optional. Well, we don’t ALL use the keywords correctly. I originally wrote one specific word in each box. That placed me NOWHERE in the spectrum of Amazon. I was more than likely not even on the internet the way I used my keywords.

Many authors don’t even use all seven boxes…what are they thinking? That is insane! Coming from someone who doesn’t know how to use them it’s a silly insult, sure but really folks, C’mon!

To get the most out of your keyword inventory, you need to act like a consumer. If you were searching for a fictional drama ebook that was a part of a series and you enjoy historical fiction from the 1990s, one box could be written:

ebook 1990s drama series

The keywords could be switched around depending on how well they play out for you, but that is ONE box in the keyword options for you. I honestly have no idea if this particular keyword string is a good one. I just made it up on the spot. That brings me to my next point.

Research the keywords before you add them. If your string has low competition and the books’ sales are high (decent) for your competitors, there is a good chance your book will do well in that category too.

Penny Sansevieri was the speaker for this seminar. I will only share this tip at the moment because I would like to move on. If you would like to know any other ideas (which there are, trust me) look her up. She was outstanding.

Kathryn Kemp Guylay was a speaker from yesterday I really enjoyed. She mentioned how she’s a numbers person. I am not such a person. Her research told the listeners that for every hour writing we should be doing about four hours on marketing. Marketing is CRAZY. We should be at it constantly (at least that’s how it seemed). Her motto was “make it fun” (paraphrasing with quotes).

Utilize the skills you are comfortable with. If you are not a techie, don’t force yourself to create elaborate web designs and social media platforms. If you are great with speaking, possibly be a guest speaker on a podcast or radio show.

grey condenser microphone
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She also discussed out of the box ideas for sharing yourself, not selling the book. Create connections by joining groups. I don’t feel comfortable giving all the information away that is shared in these webinars. I am only sharing bits and pieces hoping you check these speakers out.

There were other speakers. One of my favorite speakers, I have mentioned him before, Dave Chesson (Hello Dave). I was unable to hear his seminar today but if anyone has a chance to check him out I highly suggest you do. He has A LOT of information about Amazon, keywords, and marketing. Every time I read or watch anything he sends out I learn something new.

graphs job laptop papers
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Dave’s tips and information from previous videos and articles cross paths with Penny’s seminar today, but they both touch on so much that it is great to listen to them both.

I know, I am new to the game. Each time someone says ANYTHING to me, I probably didn’t realize it was possible. Don’t you have a few minutes to find out if you are aware? Honestly, there were a few others at the seminar that were a little talkative for my taste, and I stopped watching. Does that count for anything?

For the sake of respect, I am not going to mention who they are. I will just tell you this, I am being honest and giving you ONLY the ones who have wowed me so far. I am very picky and have little patience in life.

midsection of man holding hands over white background
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I am sure there are others that feel the same way. I need to get back to marketing, my books are slacking big time. I can’t let this happen. This time I will be a lot smarter with my approach, and now I feel a little bit sharper than before.

I hope the next book you read is as fabulous as you!

Robyn Brancik

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