Growing Pains… Writing In a New Genre, Children’s Books

I am continuing my third book in my series The Regrettable and Forbidden, but while I have conflicting ideas about Lisa and her journey, I am using that time to write a few children’s books. The storylines are very easy for me. The visions were also easy to draw out and paint.


gee gee and alex in front of zoo
rough draft pic of gee-gee & Alex


The difficulties I am having at the moment are converting the art to the computer. I was an intern graphic designer so long ago I doubt the programs are available anymore. Not to mention, if they were…I wouldn’t remember how to use them. I learned on a Mac. I have an Intel laptop. While I was learning GD, my boss was old school. He showed me how the originators burned, stripped, and created everything before computers.

As entertaining as this was, I was not made for this career. I am not one to sit still in an office. My energy level is off the charts at times, and I quit. I was twenty-one, I needed to find a career that suited me. I became a waitress.

Needless to say, not many waitresses I know use graphic designing. I lost a lot of my designing skills. I use the computer a lot. I haven’t drawn or painted much in years, so my skills are not up to what they used to be.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe my art will be my vision. I trust my illustrations before I can imagine someone else’s at this point. The most celebrated artist in the world can’t see what I am thinking for my characters or background. My most significant growing pain at the moment is the computer programs that concern converting my designs and integrating them into pages for a book.

I have been an Amazon publisher. I read up on Lulu. They look like a company I want to try out for my children’s books. Right now, this step is out of reach. I have my drafts for backgrounds, characters, and the storyline. I took pictures of these images and typed out the story. I need to figure out the rest using a program.


lazy tiger w head and background.jpg
lazy tiger idea


I downloaded a free program similar to photoshop, I think I am going to delete it. I don’t like it. GIMP is probably too advanced for me at the moment. I need to use something simple. As soon as I get more familiar with programs such as this one, I can find a more advanced program that will make my illustrations cleaner. I might not need to, we shall see.

I will work on my book and make it the most professional I can, of course. I believe I don’t need so many tools on my computer for a children’s book when the majority of the work is hand-made.

I wanted this project to be a distraction when I was frustrated with the third book in my series. I needed something to take my head out of the main character’s roadblock (it’s not writer’s block, it’s writer’s frustration).

I want the third book to be perfect. Another growing pain for me is feeling I need improve ten times more than my last book. I put a lot of pressure on myself. There was no pressure on me with the first book. It was fun. Now it is fun with added stress.

That might be the reason why I am creating a new genre. The new genre is no pressure. It is similar to the ‘fun with no pressure’ attitude I had almost two months ago. I am giving myself a pseudonym. Robby Ellie will be writing my children’s books. I don’t want parents confusing my novellas and my children’s books.

I can’t imagine a parent buying “Wendy’s Song” for their five-year-old and reading about drugs, rape, and a fatal car accident. I highly doubt they’ll ever buy another one of my books about a little girl that is friends with a monkey.


Sally first draft


I am going to get to it, I need to get rid of GIMP and find a new program. In the meantime, good luck with your writing today. I hope the next book you read is a good one. Thank you for reading my blog today.

Robyn Branick

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