Growing Pains… Forgetting My Ideas

I tend to wake up in the middle of the night and have epiphanies. Oh my goodness…YES! My character should do this! Wow, that line would be PERFECT for my poem.

I am in the midst of a children’s book. I am attempting my own illustrations. Afterall, I should put my BA in FA to good use. I wake at three in the morning and visualize my designs in watercolor. The backgrounds are nice and soft, the characters are detailed and bright. I can see exactly how they’re placed, what they’re wearing and their actions.

blank female hands lady
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I wake up at seven in the morning… I draw a blank. I have no poetry, I have no storyboard for my children’s book, I have no add-ons to my third book in my series. I do have a subject for my next blog post.

So what does that tell me? It says that I’m killing it in the ‘I’m still ignorant and frustrated’ department.

I have one solution, I need to make sure I am awake enough to remember to adopt my idea.

Have a sketchbook and notepad on my bedside table. This way, I can jot down that groundbreaking line for my next poem, my visualization for the children’s book that leaves me by daybreak, or my next level dramatic storyline for Lisa.

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To me, this is an excellent approach. It is also something I will definitely need to get used to. I am the type that makes lists for chores throughout the day and forgets to look at the list. “Oh wait, there it is,” is usually what I say to myself the next day.

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Sometimes I see a list from a week ago. I will give myself credit… I will attempt THAT list once I find it. Better late than never, right?

I think part of my problem with not realizing I need to walk around with a notepad/ sketchbook is that this was never a career opportunity. In college, ideas were simple and they came to me effortlessly. They pop up in my head still, but now there is a bit more pressure. I need to complete these tasks daily, on a more regular basis.

I also need to stop after a few hours of working to prevent burn out. The beginning of my journey proved this to be true. I walked around like a zombie, I felt as though I was dreaming or had a bad hangover. I learned that lesson but lost some (what I think) great ideas.

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I love this learning process. I can’t wait to see how much more I will learn in the next ten to eleven months. I bet I will be a novice by then.

Thank you for reading my blog. I love sharing my journey with you and seeing my followers and likes grow daily. It is great to know that others have seen some of my struggles.

Good luck in your writing endeavors and I hope the next book you read is a good one.

Robyn Branick

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