Growing Pains…Paitience IS a Virtue!

I have only been at this writing game for a little over a month. The beginning of August will make it two months. I am a very impatient woman. I have a massive ego that has been put in its place since I began this adventure. This is a valuable thing, I’m not going to argue that.

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I noticed when I began blogging during my first week or two, I had no likes or followers. I do recall that I had multiple readers from France and Ireland on one occasion. I found that unusual but at the same time, I am new to this game. I am still amused by the ‘international’ exposure (by the way, congratulations France).

Slowly, and I mean…SLOWLY (in my eyes) I have seen my site grow. I am getting a follower here and there. I am getting like notifications. I see them grow every day. It is a process that we all wish happened faster. Despite this snail-paced process, I am ecstatic at the increase in my audience.

I have a lot to learn on the basics of keeping my likes and followers interested. “Be yourself, and you will not disappoint,” is the motto I typically see. Another one is “be consistent with your posts.”

I believe I am sticking to these two tactics. I hope these two essential and fundamental rules are all I need for now.

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I am not sure of the next step. I am happy enough to continue on with sharing my lack of knowledge, my growth, and my missteps. Many times I find them all to be humorous after I post about my silliness. This blog has become a bit of a therapy session. I know it will show my future self how I can overcome ignorance and frustration by sitting back and thinking (typing) things through.

I must mention that I thought nobody was able to comment on this blog. That was another ‘growing pain‘ I had for a bit. My aunt gave me words of encouragement on one of the posts a while back. That made my day. Possibly in the future, I will have articles that are more conversation friendly, and others will comment. I am happy to know that the comment section works. Thanks, Aunt Ellen.

This gives me hope for my books and short stories. If I can improve my audience with my blog posts, my book audience can grow too. I am very happy I dropped the marketing side of writing. I feel that was a large part of my writer’s block.

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I am in a better place because I went back to what I originally wanted to do. If I wanted to be a marketer (or whatever they’re called), I would have applied for a job to a marketing company. I am not, I am a striving writer…I AM a writer.


Thank you all for reading my article. Good luck with your writing endeavors and I hope the next book you read is a great one.

Robyn Branick

2 thoughts on “Growing Pains…Paitience IS a Virtue!

  1. Thank you for acknowledging my tidbits of information. Every career has it’s ups and downs. We all learn from our experiences, good or bad.
    Life is a personal journey for each of us. Remember it not the things that affect us but the way we handle our experience that matters

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