Growing Pains… Everything I Write I Erase

I have been doing my best to write blogs, write on my account, and write my story for the third book in my series. In my eyes, nothing is up to par. I erase it all. This is why I have not been posting anything the past week.

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I feel blocked by something. Typically, I can get through this within a day or two. Something is wrong lately, and I am not sure what it is. Is it the pressure of this becoming a career as opposed to a hobby? Is it the hot weather? Am I out of ideas? I never run out of things to say, how can I run out of things to write?

It could be the Samson effect. I cut my hair last week. My hair was the idea maker, and now I am plain old Robyn with nothing to say or write. I distract myself by learning the guitar (for the umpteenth time). My fingertips hurt and I still can’t figure out what to do say on my short story website.

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I have the first few pages of the book and the ending, I can’t decide on decent high points and low points or whys. Some character development is flawed, and some of the scenes need more emotion. There is not enough conflict, there is not enough story.

At least the blocked writing gave me a topic for today’s blog. I needed to get something down. I felt as though I was falling behind in everything. I have one site that I have ignored altogether I might go off topic today just to get something on there.

A beginning writer (for a career) has no clue what effort goes into this craft every day. I am still learning the hard way. I needed to take a step back and breathe for the sake of sanity. I still have trouble finding my voice. I am sure this will be the case for the next year or so.

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I have deleted at least four posts so far, I have one draft at the moment and will probably erase that one too. I need to get something posted to get over this writer’s block. I feel this will be the only way I can overcome such madness.

I remember hearing that if you have nothing to write, just put pen to paper and scribble “I have nothing to write” continuously until words come out. I am thinking of doing this with “Saving Lisa.” This is my potential title to the third book in the series.

I believe as a newbie writer, I have so much of Lisa’s story in the first two books that there is little to continue with her life. I have some storyline, but not enough to fill a novella.

I am thinking of introducing new characters for the other books for a spin-off series, or just continuing the series, if possible. I am also thinking of writing more about secondary characters that will be the main characters for the spin-off series. My worries are, I may back myself in the corner just like I did with Lisa if I expose too much.

I thank you all for reading this. I think I solved a bit of my writer’s block. I have decided that I will do a little of both; introduce a few characters and develop some of the secondary characters. I may have to change the title, but that is for another day.

I love this blog, it gives me so much insight. I hope you enjoy my minor meltdowns ( if you’ve read my blogs before, you know I exaggerate).

Have a great day! Good luck on your personal journeys!

Robyn Branick

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