Growing Pains…Rerouting My Thought Process & Learning My Craft

I have mentioned that I no longer have interest in marketing at this moment. I realize that the best marketing is writing more books and continuing with my blogs. I believe this will be cheaper and more efficient.

First of all, I am learning so much right now. The most important lesson I have learned is that I am not the best author. I should not be investing money in books that will be representing me in the future. I should not want a bunch of people thinking I am a mediocre writer with subpar skills. I want to hone my craft, concentrate on the details of what makes the best writers, then show the world how I can REALLY write a GREAT piece of work.

This skill is not an easy task to achieve. I will not wake up tomorrow and become the next Stephen King (I do not write fantasy and horror books so it’ll never happen anyway). He was writing stories since he was six years old. I was too busy drawing pictures with captions. To be honest, I cannot read my handwriting from that age, and I don’t know what the illustrations are. I drew all over many of my favorite childhood books.

Imitation is something Mr. King and I have in common. He loved to take his favorite comic book stories and rewrite them. I am assuming I was re-illustrating the stories with my own images to ‘better’ the stories.harold and the purple crayon

Harold and the Purple Crayon was one of my all-time favorite books as a girl. I needed to take that crayon, change a few lines, and adjust the images. You know, make it better. We all have room for improvement. This book was only one of my most fabulous works of art as a child.

I also enjoyed the monster at the end of this bookThe Monster at the End of This Book. Grover from Sesame Street wasn’t my favorite character, but he was the best narrator. As a matter of fact, that was the first book I was able to read by myself. My mom actually took a tape recorder, she was so tired of reading it to me. That is how I was able to ‘read’ the book on my own. It is also how I was able to ‘draw’ other characters in the book to help Grover keep the Monster from attacking him in the end (spoiler alert: the monster IS Grover).

Looking back at my childhood I realize that I learned how to read by reading my favorites over and over. I didn’t try to learn, I just discovered. This is where I am making my biggest mistakes as a child author.

I call myself a child author because fundamentally I am. I’m learning this writing process with brand new eyes similar to the way a child sees the world. I am gullible at times, I am astounded and flabbergasted at other times, I usually know little to nothing. Overwhelmed, I get frustrated and many different lessons I miss. I am elementary in this new world of writing.

At the same time, I LOVE IT! So much to discover, so much to delve into. If I stop trying to consider this research and return to the childhood mentality of reading Grover and Harold, I will learn much more than when I was in high school or college learning… I can’t remember.

I will read more fiction and less ‘how to’ nonfiction. I am wasting time on the ‘how to’ books. I know a lot of those RULES that half of the authors break in the books they tell ME what to and not to do. The books are not sexy and difficult to keep my interest. I have had enough ‘school.’

I entered this art with gusto and passion. I do not want to lose interest because I feel like I am in a classroom retaking my middle school English classes. I will do what I enjoy, reading fiction, writing my blogs, writing the occasional poems & short stories and adding them to my lesser known site (yes, believe it or not…this is the better-known site of mine).

I will continue reading the occasional blog article, I will not lie. Everyone gets that itch. I have no problems with admitting it. Curiosity always gets the best of me. I will not waste money on any more marketing. I have a few marketing purchases that are already in place so I will let them continue, no sense in wasting the dollars that I have already spent. I like seeing my name and books on other sites, who doesn’t?

From now on, I concentrate on learning the craft. I will write until my fingers fall off and my brain is empty. Then I will write some more. Later I will revise and revise some more. After that, I will read a few books that interest me. Then I will edit again; I bet the new readings will show me I have more mistakes. It will be a long time before an editor even looks at my work.

I like the idea Hemingway had, write drunk and revise sober (paraphrasing).  Some of my writing already looks like I have. My handwriting certainly looks like it.

Well, there is my rant for the day. I think I did a great job not complaining to my readers today. You’re welcome.

I still do not have a finishing line that is original so my unoriginal name is what I will finish with. For those of you who are interested in my lesser known site, here it is:





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