Growing Pains…Realizing You’re Not the First

I have been reading some other sites and blogs the past few days. I have been on a break from marketing. To be honest, I am tired of seeing funds leave my pockets with little return. I decided to just read some blogs and relax.

I am on Google+, I have also been ignoring it lately, so I wanted to get back and read some of the discussions I’ve been missing. I’m glad I did. I have read a few comments by some experienced authors that state marketing is basically a waste of money for many new authors. I am beginning to believe that. The best marketing is to write more books.

I believe I will take that advice. The next lesson I learned was if you do not like to use blogs or social media to communicate with others, don’t do it. Honestly, I do enjoy it, but I am not familiar with what some particulars. One is, making close contacts.

I am a little shy when it comes to making friends online. I am just reading posts and articles at the moment. I will be sincere if I read an article, but I will not go all out and make life-long friendships with faceless others (no offense to those who do).

I can be very friendly in real life, but something stops me from connecting. Maybe because it gives me that extra time to ‘think’ before I ‘speak.’ In face-to-face conversations, I don’t think, I talk. Either way, it seems insincere to make friends with others for the sake of needing their help (I do appreciate those that give advice to us ALL, friends or faceless readers).

Getting to the subject of my complaining today…I am new to the self-publishing game and everything that goes with it. I should know better at my age (not telling you), but my ego convinces me I know more than I do.

I was NOT the first to have the idea of posting an “I KNOW NOTHING” type of blog. I read an article by Erica Verillo called Everything I Did Wrong: Designing an Author’s Website.

The article was written by Erica on her blog in November of 2012. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the blog category is similar to mine! Yes, it is. Publishing…and Other Forms of Insanity. 

It is incredibly informative and helpful. I am going to use as much of the information as I can. As a matter of fact, I just revamped one of my sites to emulate Erica’s tips. I need to say, I did not ask permission to use her name, blog, or site. I hope she doesn’t mind.

I will be following her and continuing to use my (what I thought was original) idea of the growing pains of new authors and my terrible mistakes. I will continue to grow as a writer and concentrate on becoming better.

I will not take her ideas, that is outright stealing. If I find I am using similar ideas, I will be giving credit to whoever had the thoughts before me. I do not want to look like I am a thief. Help is one thing, taking credit for work that is not mine is another.

I am a little taken back by the new information, but I am also happy to see that others like myself can find her tips useful. The whole idea for my writing a blog like this is to read it when I become more experienced and remember my mistakes. We learn by making mistakes, and we grow by not repeating them.

I am upset that I am not the first but grateful that I can learn through you.

Oh, another learning experience I found this week was my “Happy Reading” comment I used to use at the end of my posts. I noticed many writers use this. I am going to find a new ending. Yes, I am not original.

Today I will end it with my name, which that isn’t even original but that is my parents’ fault, not mine (love you, Mom and Dad)

Robyn Branick


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