Growing Pains…Advertising a Mature Audience Book

This sounds dirtier than it seems. To some, it is dirty. I have one, maybe two pages in my book that contains…mature material. It is not out of nowhere, it is for a good reason, and it is not romantic. I cannot call it romantic. It is gritty, nasty, and dirty sex. For the good of the series, it needs to be this way. Only two pages, but because of these two pages, I cannot advertise on AMS. 

I just learned how to properly advertise and market on Amazon. I was so stoked! Now I am beyond disappointed. I am devastated to realize I have to start again somewhere else. Not only that, I know the romantic novel websites will be disappointed because it is not a romantic novel. I will keep it in my genre, but many times the marketing is difficult for books that contain adult material (so far that I have noticed).

My next book is nothing like this; honestly, it has mature content as well, just not so detailed. “Saving Lisa” (the next book) will have no problem with marketing and advertising.

What do I do now?

“John’s Journey” is coming out July 1st. It is ready for pre-order, and the print is live, available to purchase. I am all set, I have been sending anticipatory posts on facebook, twitter, and insta pics. I posted author interviews on all social media and blog sites. I have been doing everything in my power/ knowledge possible. I posted a short story and a poem on my other site

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I researched how to create a proper campaign. Now I can’t use my new skills for my launch. Oh well. I guess I will just continue with my third book in the series and have a kick butt campaign with that.

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I need to figure out something. These people weren’t kidding when they said writing is more marketing and a little bit of writing. I am so tired of this. I know… I LOVE to complain. Don’t we all? Probably not. My gram ma used to say, “Why complain, nobody wants to hear it?” Old Female Woman Face Person Grandma Senio


Well, I am not trying to complain. Okay, it is complaining but with good reason. I need to see this in a year so I know if I figured out how to fix my past issues. I am also hoping maybe someone else out there had similar issues and tells me what they did to rectify whatever their problems were.

I will launch on the day I planned. I believe I will go for a few freebie days, I will market on freebie websites and go that route for now. I didn’t want to, but it is one route that it looks like I have to go. I will do it on a weekday though, when “Wendy’s Song” was launched, the Sunday freebie downloaded over 800 ebooks and then dropped when the freebie was over. I will do this on a Wednesday. Maybe I will put a freebie on my birthday too. That can be interesting. A free ebook on my birthday, Thursday, July 12 for friends and family.

See? Complaining isn’t all that bad, that’s how I figure things out. Thanks for listening!

Happy Reading!






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