Growing Pains…Getting Off Track and Refocusing

As many are well aware, this is graduation season. I have too many friends. Their kids are graduating, and families have parties or gatherings. I am going to celebrations and ceremonies. This is my first month of professional writing. I’ve written about my gung-ho attitude and hitting the ground running.

This week, I am a slacker. I have gone from practically burning myself out to barely writing a blog. I feel guilty, similar to when you buy a gym membership and the monthly bill comes. “Oh yeah, I forgot about that.”

toy story disney GIF

I tried to get into a schedule, I discussed this in a different blog… a few times I believe. Much easier said than done. I am not as organized as I thought. I created a calendar, I wrote sticky notes all over my desk, I use multi-colored dry erase markers on my whiteboard for various tasks.

I am still a hot mess.

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I know if I get in the mode; if I get some sort of REAL schedule, like wake up at 9am, lunch at 12pm, and complete specific tasks every day by certain times no matter what, I can get it together. My head says to do these things, but when I am in the midst of it, I don’t listen. I just write, or I am reading.

I am assuming that others have the same issues, I am not sure. For my benefit, I just hope they do. I will continue to use my multi-colored markers and sticky notes. I may put my alarm on for specialized tasks. This might help me get in the groove.

I might even use graduation days and celebrations as “vacation days” like a 9-5 workday. If I start looking at this in a different light, I may be able to succeed with the organization I am searching.

Another issue I noticed is the research and reading I do is taking too much time. I think now is the time I just get things done. I will continue with working on my projects and use once a week for reading or research. That day will be dedicated to reading and such, but not the whole day, maybe just the morning. The afternoon will be reorganizing my marketing schemes. If all looks great, I will take on tasks that may need extra time, or I can take a walk for myself. I am not sure yet. I will figure that out as I go. Or I will get some tips along the way.


good morning help GIF by Satisfied Customer

If anyone has any tips on schedules that work, please help me out. Us newbies need the advice.


It’ll be tough but sticking to the process, things will get easier. I think the hardest part is usually in the beginning. I usually go back to sports analogies, I didn’t hit a home run my first at-bat in little league so I don’t expect to know what I’m doing right now. It will come with practice.

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Happy Reading All!!


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