Growing Pains… More Marketing? Ugh!

I know, it is a part of the self-publishers life, but PLEASE HELP! I am so tired of the marketing full- time, writing part-time and going nowhere. When can I sit back and relax? Watch the money come in? I know the answer. I just don’t like the answer. I fell into the trap that my dream job was going to be easy peasy lemon squeezy.

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There are few highlights to this marketing disaster. As I learn and grow, I find it easier to get followers, get likes and find topics to complain about (not really complain, I still love it). I am learning who is a scammer and who is for real. Not that I can agree or disagree with anyone, but I will give two names who, so far, I think is for real.

The Kindlepreneur is extremely helpful to my marketing knowledge. Let me clarify a few things before I continue. This guy has no idea I am mentioning his name. I am not being paid to say his name. I still am less than a month into learning all of these methods of marketing, and yes, he is selling a product (KDP ROCKET).

Okay, we have that out of the way. I have been able to see webinars on AMS marketing and learning how to use keywords on Amazon. I am learning new tools on how to not spend my money on silliness. He seems legit, in my eyes. He has YouTube videos, I have not seen yet, but the other videos and e-mails he was not trying to ‘sell’ me anything, just teaching me marketing techniques. I will be honest, the product was in the video as part of some of the lesson but not required for success. He mentions that also.

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Another person was the Creative Penn. I believe I mentioned her before. She is a little long to listen to, but she has useful info for me because I am brand new. I am not sure how helpful she can be to more experienced entrepreneurs, I know some info already, but she is not trying to sell product either. I don’t open her e-mails, I just see her YouTube videos.

Not that it matters, I am just looking for decent human beings trying to help. I don’t mind them trying to get their names out there and selling. I just don’t want it shoved down my throat. For that, I appreciate them.

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One thing I learned is I need to keep up with the marketing, I can’t set it and forget it. I know you all know this. I kind of did too. Another lesson I learned but didn’t listen to is to keep a schedule. I am not talking about organization, I am saying ONLY work a certain amount of hours a day. Creative Penn mentioned this, but I didn’t listen. I am exhausted because I was so gung-ho on wanting to do everything 24/7 I don’t remember sleeping this month (I did, I am an exaggerator).

Now, I need a two-day nap. I will begin to listen to more of the advice. I think this may be why my marketing is frustrating and my mailbox is filled with spam. I contact EVERYONE for one bit of info. Why? Good question, I can’t tell you.

I think for a little while, I will do the seven hour work day, for five or six days a week. I will force a schedule of four hours of writing and three hours of whatever else is needed.

I will also stop contacting everyone and their family members for no good reason. I need to calm down a bit. I hit the ground running. This is a marathon, not a sprint. I need to put that up on my wall.

marathon GIF

Well, I shall calm down, continue trying to figure this all out and let you be entertained by my ignorance. I am really not complaining. I post this to show you when you’re having a bad day, at least there is somebody worse off, and you can laugh. I plan on reading these next year and realize I was empty-headed and ridiculous. I am not sure if I will laugh or cry, but I know I will feel better knowing that future me will be better off than I am now.

Happy Reading!!


2 thoughts on “Growing Pains… More Marketing? Ugh!

  1. Thank Robyn, and glad you’re finding it useful. One of the lessons I have is the use of’s free trial where you can have it let you know when someone uses your name or says your book title somewhere on the internet. (really handy). Anyways, it gave me a notification that you mentioned myself, kindlepreneur and Rocket 🙂

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