Growing Pains…Freelance Writers Wanted? Let’s Give It A Shot!

I recently signed up for a site that trains new writers to become freelance writers. I figure my writing career will take a while. Especially since I am not a celebrity, nor do I have the tools to become the next number one best selling author tomorrow.


I don’t mind, I love writing and enduring everything that comes with all of these new experiences. I hear there is no such thing as a TRUE starving artist…I laugh at that comment. I grew up in the nineties… the Kurt Cobain era. The silliness of the greatest icon of his time complaining of his stardom. I want to complain about being rich and famous. Don’t we all?


sad money GIF by ZDI talents
Too much money!!

I am realistic. I will not make money to live on my writing…not right away. Hopefully one day. I am learning quick, and I will learn more. Until I find the right formula, I need to do what I can.


I will fall but get back up. I know this. Others have no faith, but I have strength and passion in myself.

I signed up for this freelance opportunity which sounds ridiculous to some, but I have already learned that I will not make much money out of this either. I have even more to learn with that. It might just be a distraction from my original goal. I need to refocus myself. If you are the type that is organized and can set up times for each task, then complete them (honestly), then maybe freelance AND writing on the side is for you. I am not experienced enough to do all at once.


I am keeping the program I signed up for. Why? Because the program IS helping my writing skills when it comes to blogging and scheduling. It is showing me what type of jobs are out there. Possibly in the coming future when I get more experienced (at least a month into this career path), I can say “Hey, you know what? Maybe I’ll try it out!”

wonder woman falling GIF by LEGO

And when I fall, it’ll be okay. I will get back up. Like I always do. I will have learned my lesson. I will be like Wonder Woman; I know I can’t fly, but I can use my invisible plane (whatever that means, right now I don’t know).

I will keep writing my books, I will focus on that. I will market them and hope I make more than fifty bucks a month. That would be nice. Maybe I will get a job at another diner, those customers make AWESOME characters for books. mr bean eating GIF

I know how to achieve my happiness and success. I will do exactly what the famous WCW said:

“If they give you lined paper, write the other way.”
― William Carlos Williams

2 thoughts on “Growing Pains…Freelance Writers Wanted? Let’s Give It A Shot!

  1. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You are on the right track . Keep your spirits up and make every day a part of a pleasant journey 😊👍🏻

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