Growing Pains…Running Ad Campaigns

I decided, to up my sales, not my free downloads, I would spend a few extra pennies running ads on my two books. AMS was the way to go. My last blog post was about how easy a particular webinar made it sound. It was accurate, the webinar did help me create the ad in minutes. I was able to set up two ad campaigns and feel confident that something would happen.

I was too optimistic. I have impressions, but no clicks as of yet. This is frustrating. I followed most of the webinar tips, many of the books’ and blogs’ tips, and Amazon sent me a flyer on how to utilize the proper keywords. They broke down the algorithms in a more straightforward way than the webinar. Granted, I can’t think of 200+ words for each book, I couldn’t think of fifty. I will just keep adding as the days pass.

I have some impressions, they say whichever keywords do not have any impressions, take off the list. That will take me down even further. Do I really need to find 200+ keywords? I guess suggestions are just suggestions. Should I use author names similar to my genre just to be near them for my ads? I am not sure if that helps or hurts. A better author, more experienced and well known should win out. The only thing that will help me is my book is cheaper, and some might click mine instead of theirs. The author’s name was purposely chosen in the keyword though, right? My name comes up enough, I will be in the back of their minds for next time. This is just a thought, but I do not know about riding on the coattails of well-known authors. I’m not sure about that one yet. It is only the advertising-sponsored ads.

Let me see how I feel in the next few weeks. I will do more research on the subject. I will find out if this is a thing to do or if it is not such a great idea. For now, I will keep the well-known authors out of my keywords. Happy Reading!

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