Growing Pains? Today I Used What I Learned!

Reading the blogs, the free online articles, and the e-mails from advertisement trying to sell you something, I found a few helpful tips. There are so many tips that writing them down didn’t help much; I couldn’t keep up. Sifting through pages and pages of notes just confused and overwhelmed me. I gave up on the notes and soaked in all of the advice I read from these places. The tips that were repeated several times were able to stick, most of them anyway. Some tips that I found interesting but not widely agreed on, I did mentally take note of; there is something to be said about an interesting suggestion. I am hesitant to use these right away.

One tip in particular that I found no harm in using was to go to places not in your genre for advice. I originally planned on writing in the young adult genre, a while back. I began following this person thinking I can write a YA or possibly a Children’s book (I changed my mind, apparently). I never unsubscribed from his e-mail list. The other day he had a webinar on how to market a published book. I watched the webinar, and I am glad I did.

This webinar showed how to use AMS smartly. How to use keywords, only try it out for a few days instead of going all out and check out the browser for keywords that might work for your book. Manual targeting, not hit or miss, and try to use as many keywords as possible. He showed how to use sponsored products ads. I knew a little bit of this information, but he broke it down for me, and I was able to go into the campaign ads today and implement what I learned. I cannot guarantee I will make thousands of dollars on my books, but I can say I feel confident about learning from someone I somewhat trust in the industry because I learned something worthy for my new craft. He did not try to sell me a product (not during that lesson anyway) and I genuinely felt confident after the webinar. Granted, it was a slow process. He wanted to make sure you got it.

I am getting into these webinars. I notice you need to be careful which ones you choose. Some are just sales pitches so be careful. I also notice that you need a lot of patience to get to the good stuff. I see that one writer has a weekly podcast on YouTube and she is pretty honest about just giving honest help to her subscribers. The first video I watched I was cooking and listening, so it didn’t feel as lengthy. I did get something out of it. I realized I have no common sense. She mentioned setting goals and the big rock theory. She is absolutely right, and I can’t believe I did not see that coming!

Oh well, I am now implementing what I am learning. Learning and growing is a theme park ride, it is never a steady line. Right now my roller coaster is working well, but we shall see the next blog post! Happy reading!

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