today’s growing pains

I am only in the writing business less than a month. If you would accept me in this business, I am not making enough for a living. I would love to make a career out of writing. I am quickly learning how difficult it is to succeed without making mistakes all around me. I am making a mess in the writing aspect, I am making silly decisions in the marketing areas, I am not getting e-mails or blog followers. The blogging…I am willing to use as an extra tool for writing exercises. I can use it for a journal and move on. It is not that serious, despite what others believe.

I am researching daily, writing daily, revising when needed. I read about how to write. I read about how to market, I forget to read for enjoyment. The reading for enjoyment should be one of the priorities. This is where most research can be found, according to many books on writing. Shame on me.

My patience (in almost everything I do) is very thin. I am a doer, not a waiter. I want to get on with it. This is why my first book did not get the proper editor, I lost patience when the wrong editor was hired. I hired the right person for the job this time (i think…fingers crossed). I just hope my impatience of the first guy didn’t ruin my reputation for this second book in the series.

I did not get feedback from my test readers. My cousin gave me feedback on the one book (thank you Gloria) and my cousin for the second book (thank you Jenn) but I kept asking for test readers to give me feedback, no responses on time. I need to figure out how to do that in a timely manner without losing patience.

All the books discuss e-mails. I have one e-mail on my list. How am I going to send out a newsletter to one person? How do I make this list grow? Not one book breaks it down for me. I am going to watch a webinar that (hopefully it is legit) will do this for me.

I had over 800 people download my book but not one person buy it that day. Two days later, with no advertising, I made ten dollars. I see no point in giving the book out for free to the thousands of people for free. Not just yet anyway. Hopefully, I will see that in the near future.

Happy reading!

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