Am I reading too many ‘how to’ blogs and books?

I love to read ‘How to’ books and blog on writing and marketing to see what goes into becoming successful as a writer. The more I read the books and blogs on how to become a writer, the more I realize I have a lot to learn. This is not necessarily a bad thing. I had a professor in college emphasize ‘we are all life-long learners.’ I agree with this statement. Constantly learning in any craft is helpful, yet messes with my confidence. That is probably a good thing as well. It will make me continue to find more information on writing.

The downside to this, as I read these books, I am revising my next manuscript to the point that they are unrecognizable from the original story. There are highlights on paragraphs that I need to rewrite, descriptions that I am second guessing, and I continuously ask myself if I am telling or showing my readers in each sentence. I need to find out if it is best to toss the whole story and start over or continue with these revisions.

As a new writer, it seems overwhelming. I use this word in just about every blog I write. A big no-no in writing books, but I can’t help myself. That is the feeling I have at least once a day. I also feel passionate about what I am doing, so I don’t mind the confusion or overwhelmed feelings I have.

In order for me to alleviate the negative, I do my best to take notes on the books and on the blogs I read. I take breaks when possible, and I schedule my day for my favorite television shows. At times I have music on when I read or write/revise. I find that it helps my sanity.

I used to read fiction for fun, but with this newfound information, it feels as though I am picking up on the authors’ senses of style instead of enjoying the books. I am not sure if this is a newbie mistake or my own idiosyncrasy. I am hoping the joy of reading comes back soon.

Don’t get me wrong, learning from other writers is something I desperately need. I just feel that it would be nice to relax with a book as opposed to thinking about the dialogue and the development of characters so much.

I keep telling myself, I didn’t hit a home run my first at-bat in little league. What makes me think I will be a great writer with one book and a blog I just started last month?

That is my rant for today, I would like to thank all of those bloggers and authors out there that help us novice writers by giving us free advice. Without you, I would be stuck in a puddle of the same old writing style, no way to pull myself out of the muddy water.


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