Published my first book

I published my first book on Amazon. It was launched yesterday. I have been getting a lot of encouraging words by friends and family, not so many purchases of the new book. As a matter of fact, my mother said, “Why should I buy it when I could read it for free?”

Thanks, Mom. Real nice support. By the way, my mom did get a chance to read the first draft of my manuscript. I don’t mind her not buying a copy, she has helped with spreading the word. I was not expecting thousands of sales on my first day. I was aware of what was coming.

Throughout this process, I found that I was able to complete this process more on my own than with help from the advertisers that wanted to format. The ones that are worth the money, I cannot afford. KDP takes you through the steps of everything you need. I am sure there are issues I have not seen yet, I will get feedback from reviews (hopefully) or e-mails from readers. I know a decent editor is a must.

Since the launch, I advertised on multiple sites for more exposure. I paid for them (not much). I have no reviews at the moment and that is not a good thing. Many readers like to see at least a 4.5-star review on a book. I advertised my free book days on the sites, because of the lack of reviews.

I am excited for now, I will continue to discuss my missteps and failures as this process continues. My goal for these posts is that someone new reads these and sees my mistakes along the way. Their books can be marketed, published and written with less confusion and they will not be as overwhelmed as I am. Happy writing! wendy’s song 

In case you’d like to check out the book I published, it is Wendy’s Song, click the words above.

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