Struggles of a Newbie Blogger

I am sure you have all been here. I am not complaining, I am writing this to remind my future, experienced, self how ridiculous I once was. I have to believe that some of you have been in my shoes when you first started. If I don’t hold on to that hope then there is no point in continuing with my blogging.

The first struggle is research… many of the blogs and e-books I have read have been helpful but overwhelming. I read and take notes. Then all of a sudden I see a link to click. I click, then I see another link so I click again. Before I know it I have four or five articles open. What was I reading to begin with? I forget. Now my notes are all over the place.

Okay, let’s read this blog. Wow, that was a pretty great and informative blog, I should really implement those ideas. Great, let me try. How did they do that and what does that mean? I will go back to the article on …. another link, here we go again. No more links!!

Setting up my website… what is the difference between this and that? I have no clue. I still have to figure out why I have pictures from the company’s site on my blog. Where is the delete button? Why can’t anyone send their e-mail address or like my page? Oh, they can, I just have no followers. Kind of like when I was younger waiting for my crush to call me back and I thought my phone was broken, but they were ignoring me.

Blogging ideas… okay, I began reviewing other books, realized I will offend authors when I don’t like their work. After reading a short story that was not a five star rating, in my opinion, I realized I was opening myself up to enemies (or at the very least angry writers). I also realized that my work will never be perfect and it is going to be difficult enough to get fans and good reviews as a new author. New blogging idea? Anything that I might be somewhat specialized in…How about coaching? This has nothing to do with what I am trying to accomplish. I know, I am really good at knowing nothing about this blogging thing at the moment. Perfect, I will talk about what I am slowly learning and where I still need help. I am sure there are many that have the same issues.


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